Hi. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this site is about the bullshit we’re forced to eat every day, and how we loathe it.

I’ll level with you. We’re a bunch of arrogant jackasses who like to shoot our mouths off. And since you probably don’t have two brain cells to rub together: every thing we do is faked and layered heavily with sarcasm.

So let me ask you a question.

What happens when life feeds you a shit sandwich?

Eat it gleefully, of course!

Our motto is:

Life Stinks. Have a snack.

This is EatShitWorld, a podcast and blog dedicated to pointing out the ways society and culture feed us crap. We tell you to spit, and quit swallowing. It is our goal to not only help arouse you, but also to get you to ejaculate all over it (otherwise known as telling this shit to go to hell).

The entirety of this blog is satire, with no pulled punches.  While ESW may deal with some pretty serious issues and expect you to do something about them, we will NEVER do it on a soapbox (unless it’s got some brains splattered all over it, and we’re declaring ourselves king of the mountain).

This means that you can send hate mail to idontgiveashit@eatshitworld.com (not a real address). All hate mail will be laughed at, because we know we won’t be receiving it!

BTW if you aren’t 18+, what the fuck are you doing here? Get the fuck off my goddamn site you shittty little bastard!

And if you are the parent of this little butt hole, keep them the fuck off my site. That’s your job, not mine asshole! Note the EXPLICIT TAGS. They are there for a reason.

*And if you don’t know what that reason is, I really can’t help you. Go watch this video.

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